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The unparalleled growth of transportation services has made the world a small global village. People from remotest corners of the globe are traveling to the commercial capitals of various nations in search of a new life. Therefore, words like relocation, immigration and emigration which were unheard a few years ago have become a trend. It would not be unfair to say that airline services have contributed a lot to the growth of international trade and commerce.

Relocation is always a difficult task. Moreover, the task seems to be all the more taxing when you need to relocate to a new country. This is where airfreight services from Baggage Freight comes to your rescue by providing a fast, cost-effective and efficient way for shipment of your excess unaccompanied baggage. In addition, we also do not place any limitation on the size or quantity of luggage being shipped thereby enabling you to make the most out of our services. 

We work in collaboration with many professional freight forwarders and service providers in various countries of the world. This ensures the delivery of freight to the remotest corners of the globe. 

Besides offering considerable cost benefits to individuals, we also offer services to major airline companies of Australia as well as several international airline services. Our affiliates include globally recognized airline companies like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Qantas and Virgin airlines.