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Backpackers need to travel as light as possible, excess baggage can become an inconvenience as backpackers are frequently traveling to different destinations and excess baggage becomes a burden. Baggage Freight can solve this problem for you, if you wishing to send unaccompanied baggage or excess luggage that you have accumulated along your travels or wish to send off excess baggage before you leave Baggage Freight can provide this service to all backpackers.

We are here assist you in anyway possible, if you are a backpacker in Adelaide or Sydney or any other city in Australia and need to send your excess luggage to any international city we can provide a hassle free, simple service that conveniently sends your excess baggage to your desired destination.


We understand that most backpackers need a minimal amount of luggage, however that can become very difficult especially if you are traveling for long periods of time, this is why Baggage Freight is such a convenient service for backpackers as they do not have to worry about the technical details. We provide a free quote either through phone or email, whichever you prefer and this provides you with all the necessary information. Baggage Freight send unaccompanied luggage to a variety of major airports and we understand and specialize in backpackers needs.