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Well, it is not unusual for people to utilize airways for travel. Be it an intercity travel or an overseas trip, everyone wants to reach their destination at the earliest. This is what makes airways the preferred choice for people. However, luggage restrictions and extra charges for excess luggage make people look for other service alternatives.


Baggage allowance restrictions are present in every airline. Generally, baggage allowance for majority of airlines is 7 kilos for hand luggage and 20 kilos for checked in luggage. If you luggage exceeds the specified weight limits, you are charged excess baggage fees that often proves to be expensive. Therefore, Baggage freight recommends that you always weigh your luggage before checking in at the airport. This also helps you abide by the weight limitations of baggage allowance specified by airline authorities. However, there is also an easy solution to the problem. Just pack the excess luggage into suitcases or boxes. You can always contact us without any hesitation. Our friendly staff is more than eager to arrange for the pick-up of your luggage.


Baggage freight also offers permanent relief from the problem of excess luggage. Whenever there is a lot of luggage, just access our website to receive the quotes for shipment of your baggage. We assure you considerable cost benefits when it comes to transportation of your excess baggage!