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Books and clothing are the most common personal effects that international students need shipping to Australia and back home again. For students sending their personal effects overseas can be difficult, books can be extremely heavy and lead to excess luggage, and as students are usually studying for lengthy periods of time they have an excessive amount of clothes. Books and clothing can add up and become heavy, sending them home for students can become extremely expensive and difficult process.

Baggage Freight provides a service, which can send all your excess books and clothing back home and we save international students all over Adelaide and Sydney up to 80% in excess baggage rates compared to student rates at the airport.

When sending books and clothing international students should always label their luggage clearly, please make sure that you put your name, the destination address and a your contact phone number on the boxes which contain your books and clothing. As your luggage is being sent internationally labeling it is an extra precaution that we recommend to all college and international students.

We are able to come to you and pick up your excess baggage of books and clothing from anywhere in Australia,  including university housing or you are able to drop off your luggage at our office, which is conveniently located in Adelaide CBD. When you email or phone for a free quick quote please remember to mention that you are an international student!