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Baggage Freight is dedicated to supplying you with a variety of options for packaging hire. It can be a daunting process trying to figure out which packaging material suits your needs, Baggage Freight are able to step in and provide you with the information you are needing. We can provide packaging hire for items such as boxes, cartons, bags and crates. This way you can feel at ease that you do not have to provide yourself with packaging as they can be difficult to find and costly to buy. If sending your possessions interstate or overseas does not happen regularly it is extremely cost effective to use our packaging hire services as it is cheaper than buying your packaging needs and you are unlikely to use those items again.


Heavy duty boxes are exceptionally useful for your packaging needs, boxes are hassle free as they are easy to load and unload. They will protect your precious possessions. As there are numerous issues to consider for deciding packaging boxes for storage and delivery. If you are wishing to send fragile items domestically or internationally custom packing boxes are a safe choice, as they will protect your valuable items. If you are looking for extra protection, placing one box inside another creates safe packaging. If you feel as though you need a professional to pack your valuable items for you, Baggage Freight also provide an optional packaging service. If you inform us of what items you are shipping we are able to inform you of which packaging item is best for you and you have the option of hiring or buying these items.