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No doubt, an extensive range of transportation has added to the convenience of travelers. However, it has also contributed to the complications of traveling. In addition, the continuously changing restrictions and security-related concerns increase the worries of tourists. Besides being careful about the size and weight of luggage, the tourists also need to be cautious of the items they are carrying as luggage.


Before checking in luggage, you need to know that your entire luggage is subject to a luggage search. It is often difficult to remember all the restrictions related to luggage. Moreover, we intend to follow the airline rules in a proper manner knowing that they were created for the best of our interest. You might be surprised to get caught despite all your sincere efforts! Hardly, do we realize that we may end up getting caught due to ignorance also.


After you have checked in your luggage, you can expect the airline authorities to reimburse you for all the personal items if a part of the luggage is damaged or gets lost in transit. However, this is not true in all the situations. The amount reimbursed by airline authorities is according to certain terms and conditions irrespective of the content of your luggage.


We take the responsibility for your baggage. If you send your unaccompanied luggage through Baggage Freight, then it automatically gets insured against any damage or loss to an amount up to USD $20/kilo. So utilize our services to check in your luggage without any hassles!