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When you send your excess luggage through unaccompanied baggage it will not be waiting for you at the passenger terminal. Once the unaccompanied baggage arrives you will be contacted personally to collect it.


When you collect your unaccompanied baggage from the airport you will need to bring your passport (original, a copy will not be accepted) and it is always a good idea to bring your boarding pass for extra identification.


Also when you collect your unaccompanied baggage you will need to clear it through customs, before you can collect your goods. Service, handling, customs or quarantine charges may need to be paid. To avoid extra charges please collect any unaccompanied baggage as soon as you are notified that is has arrived and before sending make sure only used goods are packed (as new goods may be subject to taxes).


You are able to track your unaccompanied baggage online as it travels to its destination, this way you will have an idea of when you will need to collect the luggage. Please do NOT go to the airport to collect unaccompanied baggage unless you have been contacted by the airport, as it may take some time for the baggage to be unloaded and processed.