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Baggage freight offers you a commercial freight service that is professional, proficient and easy. Not matter what you need to send, we can organize transportation for you.


Baggage Freight’s commercial cargo services are flexible and individually suited to each customers needs. We offer a reliable domestic commercial freight service and are also able to provide a worldwide commercial service. Whether you are a regular or occasional mover our commercial cargo services can be tailored to suit you and your business needs.


Baggage freight offers many different types of commercial freight so you can choose the method that suits your company. We can send your commercial freight by air, sea, truck and some areas can even be covered by rail.


Baggage Freight has commercial customers over a vast range of businesses so we will be able to serve you with experience and confidence. Whether you are a retail or wholesale distributor, if you have an online store or run an online auction website, or you need to send automotive parts across Australia we can help you. We also service business-to-business deliveries and office relocations.


If you have doubts that we can help you call and talk to one of our staff about you individual needs.


Using Baggage Freight for all of your commercial freight services will eliminate you having to deal with all the headaches of having to handle problems in shipping. Please feel free to call Baggage Freight for a quote on how we can save you time and money.