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Baggage Freight have a container hire service that offers you a cost effective way of filling a container and knowing that your goods are safe. We hire containers especially made to meet the intense demands of sea freight. They are made to last and are very secure, they are also wind, water and vermin proof meaning that once you seal the container you have nothing further to worry about.


Containers for hire with Baggage Freight are easy to move and ideal for storage. Baggage freight have a few different types of container for hire: 20 Foot, 40 foot and others as well, call Baggage Freight for more information.


Baggage Freight offers new and used containers for hiring and will have the container delivered to your door, making it easier for you to pack the container for shipment. Baggage Freight also has a packing service so we are able to pack your container for you and organize delivery to the docks for boarding on the ship.


Please call Baggage Freight for a quick quote or any further information you need on container hire or shipping.