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Each country has different customs clearance protocols for entering the country and leaving the country.

For example the customs clearance procedure for entering and leaving Australia is as below:

Items you must declare on arrival

· Firearms, weapons and ammunition
· Performance and image enhancing drugs
· Currency
· Food, plants, animals and biological goods
· Medicines
· Protected wildlife
· Heritage-listed goods
· Veterinary products
· Defence and strategic goods

Prohibited and restricted items It is illegal to carry any prohibited drugs in or out of Australia (drugs including: marijuana, cannabis, heroin, cocaine and amphetamines)

Items such as counterfeit goods and offensive types of pornography are also banned and other items may be restricted, a permit will need to be carried for any restricted item.

There are penalties for not declaring illegal and restricted items and for making false declarations on your Incoming or Outgoing Passenger Card.

Documents required for Customs Clearance When you arrive in Australia if you have any items for customs clearance you will need to have a current and valid passport and an incoming passenger card to show authorities for Identification purposes.

When you are leaving Australia if you have any items for customs clearance you will need to have your passport, an outgoing passenger card and your boarding pass for Identification purposes.

Some countries require that you use a customs clearance agent to process all your customs claims, before flying out it is always a good idea to contact the customs office of the country you are visiting to make sure you are aware of their customs clearance methods.

Cartage of your luggage is subject to all international customs regulations and authorities. We work between you and the services we use to get your luggage to its destination. We are not responsible for the the theft, loss or any damage to your luggage. As soon as it leaves our hands at the air port it is the responsibility of the airline and customs authorities.