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Freight insurance remains one of the best ways to ensure the protection of your goods. Not only does it provide financial security, but also offers the much needed peace of mind to you. No matter whether you are a business owner who needs to utilize the services of freight company regularly or an individual who is required to ship his/her belongings to a new location, freight insurance is indispensable. In addition, insurance also offers compensation against the damage caused to the goods in transit or the loss of entire consignment.


In simple words, freight insurance describes an agreement or contract between a business or an individual and an insurance company. As per the terms of agreement, the insured party is offered an indemnity if anything happens to the goods. The service of freight insurance is especially useful for people engaged in the business of export and import. No matter whether you are just sending your goods to a different state, domestic freight insurance is always essential.


Baggage Freight provides you with an extensive assortment of services that range from road freight, rail freight, sea freight and air freight to container services, logistics and even parcel delivery services. Unlike the commercial airlines, we are not restricted to airfreight services. This is the reason we provide you with the option of domestic freight insurance