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The term excess luggage implies that the amount of luggage you are carrying is heavier than what is allowed. Excess luggage that is heavier than the amount a passenger is allowed by airports to take on a flight usually implies that the passenger is required to pay a large fee through the airports to send the excess luggage as unaccompanied luggage. For most people a 20kg limit is not enough, especially if you sending personal items for other people, moving overseas etc.


Baggage Freight provide you with a solution when sending your international unaccompanied excess luggage, we offer significant savings when sending your excess luggage with Baggage Freight. We save our customers up to 80% off excess luggage rates in comparison to the prices airports will charge you. We provide a hassle free, friendly, professional service and our staff are always happy to provide you with any assistance regarding your excess luggage.


Once a member from our friendly staff has received all your details and provided you with a free quote it takes approximately 10 days for your unaccompanied luggage to arrive to its destination anywhere in the world , however if you would like your unaccompanied luggage to arrive at the same time as you please ensure that you send it 10 days before you leave. Baggage Freight understands that the process of traveling and sending excess luggage can be stressful; this is why we are here to help and make the transition as easy as possible.