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Overseas travelers and foreigners often find themselves in the situation of having excess baggage. It can be difficult for foreigners to find the facilities and services to send their excess baggage back home. If they are visiting Australia it is easy to accumulate gifts and end up with extra luggage in your suitcase. Foreigners trying to send their excess luggage through the airports can be extremely expensive and stressful. Foreigners wish to enjoy their holiday and make the most of their time, this is why Baggage Freight have a system that allows foreigners to send their excess baggage back home from either Adelaide, Sydney or any other city in Australia.


We provide a free quote either through phone or email, whichever you prefer and this provides you with all the necessary information. Baggage Freight send unaccompanied luggage to a variety of major airports and we understand and specialize in foreigners needs. We aim to make the process of sending excess baggage overseas as simple, efficient and stress free as possible. Foreigners need to be aware that unaccompanied luggage takes approximately 10 days to reach its destination, so we recommend that you send it off with us 10 days prior your flight home so your luggage is waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.