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Personal items known also as personal affects are usually what are typically sent as excess baggage. As some of these are very tough and others can be fragile, it is always best to consider how an individual item would fair if it were to be exposed to gravity and possibly dropped as it’s destination airport.


Some easy things to do can involve wrapping fragile items in clothing that you need to send. Clothing can also be used to secure items so they do not rock or roll around their box.


Nonetheless, if you are worried something may break, it is better to be safe than sorry and wrap it in bubble wrap and or newspaper just in case.


  1. Tie together loose pieces – do not have any loose items
  2. Then wrap bundles with plastic or cardboard , go around the package with lots of strong wide packing tape.
  3. Completely seal every bag and box with packing (sticky). tape.
  4. Label each and EVERY SINGLE BOX/ BAG/BUNDLE with Name, Delivery Address, and phone (Baggage Freight can provide you with labels to stick on)
  5. Optional – send by email, a photo of the goods you have packed so we can check this for you.
  6. Fragile items – should be protected with lots of bubble wrap, or use foam.

We ask YOU to be responsible about protecting your belongings from potential damage or loss. If the items are not packaged well, and labelled properly, it is difficult for us to identify your luggage.