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No doubt, technology has paved the way for unprecedented growth of international trade and commerce. Not only has this helped organization build majestic global business empires, but also enabled individuals to think of a life beyond their own country. Therefore, international relocation, emigration and immigration have emerged as trends.


As individual, we seek security for every service we utilize. Likewise, we also seek an insurance cover for our household belongings that needs to be shipped to an overseas location. Hence, services like international aircargo insurance come into the picture.


In simple words, air cargo insurance is a type of Marine Insurance that was once restricted to goods shipped through waterways only. International air cargo insurance provides you with coverage for the legal liability of an air carrier against destruction, damage or any other kind of loss that takes place during shipment of luggage. Moreover, the coverage is provided on an All Risks basis.


Baggage Freight understands the value your luggage holds for you. Therefore, all the commercial airlines utilized by us provide an insurance cover for the international air cargo. Though our efficient air cargo services ensure complete security to your international air freight, it is always advisable to opt for an international aircargo insurance policy. This gives you the peace of mind as you can make sure that even if something happens to your luggage, it is insured and covered. In case you are sending precious antiques or works of art, you have the option of an additional policy for your air cargo.