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BAGGAGE FREIGHT offers a fast and convenient way for you to send your international excess baggage freight. 

We are able to send from Adelaide and Sydney to almost anywhere worldwide! Baggage Freight will send your international excess luggage and remove all the stress and hassle for you!

Are you moving overseas or just visiting for an extended holiday? We know how hard it is to meet the airline baggage allowances and we’re here to help. International Passengers that travel with more than the set baggage allowance will be charged excess baggage charges, airlines can sometimes charge $60 - $70 per kilo! Don't get trapped at the airport having to pay the airline's excess international baggage charges, which can be extremely pricey. Baggage Freight will supply you with a free personalized quote and will supply you with cheap boxes if required. Our team is equipped to handle all your concerns and questions and we will always offer a solution with a responsive and qualified service.

Baggage Freight understands how important your international excess baggage is, so whether you have small or large items we are here to assist in anyway we can with the shipping of your excess or unaccompanied baggage. We also have an office conveniently located 10 minutes away from the city in Adelaide where you can drop off your excess baggage. You pack your own parcels or suitcases and we will send them to any destination Baggage freight can supply an international unaccompanied baggage service that could save you up to 80% off of what the airlines will charge you for your unaccompanied baggage. Using baggage freight for your international unaccompanied baggage may not have the convenience of your unaccompanied baggage traveling on the same flight as you, it will provide you with a considerable saving. Also any international unaccompanied baggage sent with us is automatically insured against loss or damage to the value of USD $20 per kilo. 

Baggage Freights Excess Luggage Services

· Excess international baggage and unaccompanied luggage transported from Sydney or Adelaide worldwide
· We’re specialists in domestic and international excess baggage shipping
· We'll ship your excess baggage via Air and Road
· Door to door service
· Proficient and pleasant service 

Although there are restrictions when sending your international excess unaccompanied luggage overseas that you need to be aware of, there are certain items that we are not legally able to send. The items below are items that are not allowed to be packed into any of the unaccompanied baggage to be sent by us.

Aeroslos, batteries, explosives, corrosives, firearms and ammunition, radioactive material, toxic substances, flammable solids or liquids, infectious substances, perfume, pressurised or unpressurised cylinders and/or similar type containers, paint, fuel and/or fuel tanks, or weapons of any description. (Please refer to our Dangerous Goods List – available for download on documents page)
Charges will occur if any of these items or any other item on our Dangerous Goods List are found in your unaccompanied baggage. These charges will be charged directly to you. And please note that random searches may be performed on your baggage in the form of hand searches and/or X-ray search, this will be at the discretion of our staff or airline and airport security staff.
Baggage Freight is growing into a leading international excess luggage company, we are specialized in transporting excess baggage and unaccompanied luggage and delivering it to you. Regardless of the distance, we are committed to looking after your belongings.