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Baggage Freight can organize freight for all sorts of online auction businesses as well as Ebay with our online shipping modules.  We understand that as you are buying with an online auction company you may not be able to pick up your own goods, this is where the Baggage Freight plugins comes in.


Baggage does not require you to create an account with us before sending, so you will not have any account fees or minimum usage requirements to worry about. If you buy or sell  from online auctions regularly we would be happy to keep you details on file for you so we can re-use them, but we will not charge you for this service. If you do not buy from online auctions regularly we are happy to send a once off parcel to you.


Baggage Freight delivers Australia wide and overseas and if your online auction purchase is valuable we can organize insurance to any value for a small fee. Baggage Freight also sell packaging items like boxes and packing tape so if you need your online auction purchase packaged you can be sure in our re-enforced strong cardboard boxes, with extra packaging to keep it safe.