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Need to send freight? Can’t be bothered packing it all up?

Do you have an ebay order or shipment that needs packing and sending?

Baggage Freight will not only pack your goods they will also send them from door-to-door, making your life a lot easier. Baggage Freight is more than just a freight company, we are dedicated to packing your products expertly and sending them all over Australia and even Worldwide!

Baggage Freight specializes in packing and sending, international freight, domestic freight, eBay and online auctions and many more services. We also have a wide range of services from overnight express to road freight, air freight, sea freight and rail freight. Baggage Freight tailors every delivery to the individual so we will have something to suit you.

Whether you need to pack and send something small or large Baggage Freight can help you in a cost effective way. Baggage Freight can pack fragile items, large bulky items, awkward items and valuable items. We pack with care and understand that you would like to your items to arrive safely at their destination.

Baggage Freight knows that your staff’s time is wasted if they spend it packing products and who wants bulky items taking up space in their office, call us to pack and send your problem items so that you can stop worrying about them.