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Well, what do you think when parcel delivery comes to your mind?   We actually expect our parcels to be delivered without any hassles. However, there are many limitations, targets, hurdles and requirements to making a successful parcel delivery. At times, the parcel needs to be delivered urgently. So would you rely completely on the services of postal department? No, certainly not. The utilization of parcel delivery services from an esteemed courier company enables the quick delivery of parcel to the right place.


Baggage Freight focuses on transportation as well as delivery of small volume domestic parcels to various locations across Australia. Often, passengers have excess domestic luggage that cannot travel with them personally. Our organization also endeavors to offer parcel delivery service at an extremely competitive prices. In contrast to our counterparts that restrict the quantity of luggage being shipped or limit the size of your parcel, we enable the delivery of parcels that Australia Post fails to send!


If you are not sure how to pack a parcel, we can even provide you with expert packing advice thereby making your experience completely stress-free. Our organization is recognized in the form of a professional and respectable transport carrier that facilitates the movement of your excess baggage all over Australia. In addition, we also make arrangements for tracking your goods. All you need to do is ensure your presence for collection of the baggage!