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Personal Effects is an expression that is used to describe any items of personal nature that you are sending overseas. Personal effects cover a wide range of items from clothes, shoes and books to toiletries, wallets and jewellery (anything regularly worn).


When you are sending personal effects to ensure you do not have to pay any taxes you should make sure that you only send used effects. You can send new effects but there is a change you may have to pay fees on collection.


When sending personal effects with Baggage Freight remember that your effects will be insured for loss or damage up to the value of $20USD per kilo, there is no safer way to send your treasured personal effects.


If you have any excess baggage or personal effects to send home, please do not hesitate to contact baggage freight and one of our friendly staff will be happy to give you a quick quote and explain to you how easy it is to send your personal effects home!