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Do you have freight that needs shipping, but don’t want to ship it by air freight?


Baggage Freight offers a sea freight shipping service that can save you money on large consignments. Shipping by sea is usually better if you have a large amount of freight or bulky goods or cargo. Smaller shipments can also be sent upon request.


Shipping goods by sea can be very economical and cheap but if you have strict deadlines to keep to then it is probably not ideal. Shipping by sea is sometimes difficult as is can be delayed due to inclement weather, strikes and other issues. However if you do not have a deadline to keep to shipping by sea can be easier than shipping by air.


Baggage Freight offers two different types of shipping by sea, LCL (less than a container load) and FCL (Full container load). We can also arrange hire of a container if you need it.


To find out more about our sea freight shipping services please don’t hesitate to give Baggage Freight a call and talk to one of our experienced staff.