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Are you a tafe student looking to go home or overseas? Have you got more than the 20 kilo baggage allowance? Whether you are sending souvenirs, computer, textbooks, clothing or personal effects, Baggage Freight can provide the ideal solution for your needs!


Baggage Freight provides discounted rates for tafe students, Baggage Freight understands how expensive sending your excess baggage can be for tafe students. We provide tafe students from Adelaide, Sydney or any othe city in Australia up to an 80% saving on excess baggage rates in comparison to tafe student rates at the airport. As students we understand that you are looking for a cost effective price and Baggage Freight always provide competitive rates and looks out for our customers best interest.


When tafe students send their luggage through Baggage Freight, they need to ensure that they label their luggage clearly, we provide labelling forms for all our customers and we can simply email them to you. Please make sure you put your name, the destination address and a contact number on the boxes or suitcases being sent. As your luggage is being transported overseas labelling is a preventative that we recommend to all tafe students.


Please be conscious of the fact that as international students you may need to supply a tafe school stamp on one of our forms, as verification that you are an international student. We are able to pick up your excess baggage from anywhere in Adelaide or you are able to drop off your luggage at our office, which is conveniently located in Adelaide CBD. When you contact us for your free quote please remember to mention that you are an international tafe student.