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Our Trading Terms 


•   Door to Door service also available World wide
•   Imports into Australia
•   Exports out of Australia
•   Cheap Domestic deliveries made within Australia
•   We can weigh your packages once goods are brought back to our depo
•   There is a minimum of 30 kg per Airport destination.
•   Each package must weigh no more than 20 kg each. E.g. If you are sending 40 kg: one package could weigh 20 kg and the other 20 kg
•   We do not include duty taxes, customs clearance, terminal fees, and quarantine fees (if applicable).
•   International students returning home after studying in Australia, with used personal and household goods, should obtain a stamp from the university/college stating your duration of study in Australia to be exempt    from duty and taxes.
•   Photo ID must be produced with every shipment. Please have this ready when our security officer makes your pick up.