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Unaccompanied baggage  means that you will be sending your cargo alone, you will not be traveling with your luggage. Baggage Freight will help you fill out the necessary forms to send unaccompanied baggage, then we will take your baggage and deliver it to the airline so they can send it for you.



Unaccompanied baggage freight is different to excess baggage in the way that excess baggage is what the airlines charge you for when you are at the airport and you have gone over the maximum kilo limit. Sending you luggage as excess baggage can be quite expensive as airlines can charge up to $60 per kilo depending on your destination.



Baggage freight recommends that you weigh your luggage before you leave so that you know if you are over the limit, that way you can send you luggage as unaccompanied baggage and save up to 80% compared to airline prices.



Baggage Freight recommends that you send your unaccompanied baggage 10 days before you leave so that it will most likely be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. If you would like to drop off your unaccompanied baggage please do so, otherwise we do offer a pick up service please call to book a pick up.



If you have any questions on how unaccompanied baggage freight works please call Baggage Freight and talked to one of our experienced staff.