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Unaccompanied Luggage means that you will be sending your baggage alone, you will not be traveling with your luggage. Baggage Freight will assist you when filling out all the necessary forms to send unaccompanied luggage, then we will take your unaccompanied luggage and deliver it to the airline so it can be sent to its destination.


To prevent expensive excess luggage charges, you can send your excess luggage as unaccompanied luggage. This option creates a way of transporting your personal possessions to your desired destination without the worry of having to spends hundreds and hundreds of dollars, as Baggage Freight offer a significant cost saving for sending unaccompanied luggage. Baggage Freight saves their customers up to 80% off unaccompanied luggage rates compared to what the airports charge.


Once a member from our friendly staff has received all your details and provided you with a free quote it takes approximately 10 days for your unaccompanied luggage to arrive to its destination, however if you would like your unaccompanied luggage to arrive at the same as you please ensure that you send it 10 days before you leave.


Baggage Freight can pick, pack and send unaccompanied luggage to make your traveling experience as stress free as possible. If you wish to pack your unaccompanied luggage yourself but need hints and tips as to how to go about it, Baggage Freight are happy to offer their expert packing advice over the phone. If you have any queries always feel free to call our friendly staff.