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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to the security of your belongings? Yes, insurance is the first thing we think about. Insurance is especially essential when transportation of your freight is involved. No matter whether you are an individual or business owner, freight insurance is always necessary. However, as individuals, relocation is seems to be a more challenging task. After all, you cannot afford to risk the security of paraphernalia you have been collecting since years.


Not only does your freight include clothes, accessories and luggage, but also expensive electronic goods, breakables, jewelry, antiques and collectables. However, normal insurance does provide a cover for any of these valuables. Therefore, it becomes essential to get a proper valuable antiques and collectibles insurance.


Often, the reimbursement offered for an antique or collectable is considerably less than the value of item. However, special insurance options are available for costly electronic products, jewelry, breakables and antiques. As a customer, you can always opt for any suitable insurance cover. In order to obtain valuable antiques and collectibles insurance, you are required to disclose the complete list of contents along with their nominated values. Moreover, the collectables, antiques and valuables that have been declared in the insurance need to declared to the custom authorities also. Always remember that your valuables are still subject to the applicable regulations, laws, taxes and duties.