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Baggage Freight Offers Shipping Integration for Online Stores ...

Shipping costs can be the “monkey wrench in the works” when it comes to closing sales online.

Failure to provide accurate shipping quotes to customers can cause them to bail out of a sale afraid that shipping will end up costing too much … or it can force them to leave your webpage to check on shipping rates somewhere else only to get distracted or frustrated and never return to your site. That’s why you need to ...

Integrate Our API to your online store!
  Step1 Create a Store Owner account in Baggage Freight. 
  Step2 Use Get Quote API call to fetch cheapest shipping rate. 
Use Make Order API call to create order in Baggage Freight. 
Use Auto Login API call to create auto login to Baggage Freight dashboard within your ecommerce administration control panel
Using this Api Customer can Track Booking Status using Consignment Number or Tracking Number
Using this Api Store Owner can Download Shipping Label